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Donald Glover Takes on Deadpool

So two of my favorite things are merging and I could DIE. Donald ‘Childish Gambino’ Glover is bringing a cartoon version of Deadpool to FXX! How friggin dope is this guy! While no casting announcements have been made as of yet we DO know that Mr. Glover will be executive producing the show. How on earth does he have time to do all this?! Let’s not forget that he is also working on Atlanta Season 2, said to be released in 2018 *tears*, also he is appearing in Spiderman Homecoming, AND voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spiderman.


~Much respect for his hustles.~

And now lets have a look at some of the reasons why I love me some Donald Glover (Besides His Amazing Voice)

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Steve Harvey’s Memo

So Mr Harvey is once again in hot water after a memo to his staff was leaked by a “disgruntled staff member who is no longer with us”. Basically this is painting him out to be a jerk to most because all everyone seems to be taking away from the blog is the overall theme of ‘don’t talk to me I’m important.’ Well I kind of agree. The man is busy and I can imagine that after YEARS of being followed down the hall to his dressing room or even being interrupted during his morning prep time for his shows, people constantly coming up to you to discuss their future in show business or random things for him to invest in the man is tired of it! Can you blame him though? Anyway here is the memo. Have a look.


Is he wrong or do you agree?